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Saturday, January 26, 2013

new chapter

I have written a new chapter, and have decided to place it as the new Chapter Four.  In Chapter One, I promised to return to the way Luke describes the Cornelius event in ways strikingly similar to his description of Pentecost.  Did Luke present the Cornelius episode as another Pentecost?

I nearly forgot to pull that matter off of the back-burner, until I had a dream.  Someone (in the dream) challenged me, "But Luke refers to both Pentecost and Cornelius in terms of "gift" (and he uses the same Greek word in each case)."   That is an unusual dream, even for me!

This took me back to the first time I was formulating the theology presented in this book.  I was troubled by the similarity of Cornelius to Pentecost.  I knew the coordinates by which I was navigating were solid, but I was not sure how to address this.  I felt Pentecostalism sneaking through my open windows and under my doors...

Had I not dealt with this, I sense I would have left a vulnerability to the book as a whole.  I hope it helps my readers in their own understandings of the Spirit.

As usual, there are some formatting specifics that do not translate onto the blog and that will be in the published book.  The book will look really good in print.  Getting ready for publication is the next step.  I hope you will support my efforts.

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