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Monday, January 27, 2014

Filling the Temple: Finding A Place For The Holy Spirit

This is to announce the publication of my new (and first) book!  The back-cover reads as follows:

Filling The Temple is a ring full of keys…. The study of the Holy Spirit is broad in scope, deep in meaning, and plural in dimension. Filling The Temple provides keys that unlock the meanings that are foundational to a fulfilling study. Students of Scripture have long recognized the value of establishing meanings that are center-core to build a framework for the more obscure and elusive meanings. Here is a ring of keys for unlocking the center-most doctrines regarding the Third Person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit’s role in Christian spirituality cannot be grasped without understanding what happened on Pentecost—“the baptism in the Holy Spirit.” The meaning set forth here, from a close reading of the Scriptures, is largely missed in popular understanding. Likewise, the Scriptures inextricably link the reception of the Spirit to water-baptism. The connections are set forth here in utter plainness. Filling The Temple generates such helpful access to the theology of the Spirit, that readers will surprise themselves to have overlooked insights so clearly visible in the Bible. There is a special application here for churches of Christ, heirs of the American Restoration Movement. Some in our fellowship do not believe in an actual indwelling of the Spirit, suggesting instead that the Spirit indwells us “only through the Word?” Those from other circles will benefit from looking-in on this conflict within our Restorationist fellowship. The book ends with hope that the Spirit will break down walls of denominational division and accomplish the Restoration of unity that, so far, we have failed to achieve. Filling The Temple provides the keys to finding a place for the Holy Spirit.
Of course, I encourage you to read.  But I especially encourage those who read to post a review on Amazon.  Your review could be the first!